Frequently Asked Questions at Damp Proofing Johannesburg.

Do you offer damp proofing for industrial buildings?

Yes we do, we have a team that specializes in the industrial sector so let them handle any type of damp proofing you might need.

Do you have any damp proofing products?

Yes we do, with our 17 years of experience in the field of damp proofing we have manufactured our own products so go to our website and see all the products we have for you.

Can you damp proof my home?

Yes we can. We are experts in all aspects of damp proofing.

Do you do damp repairs and removals?

Of course we can. No matter how bad the damp damage is we will get you sorted out today. .

Do you take a long time to clean up damp?

We provide customers with a time frame but we will not leave the job until it is fixed properly. We spend as much time as needed, but never take weeks to finish the job.

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